BACKING UP OUR DATA – Carbyne Media | Midlands Wedding & Event Videographer & Commercial Films
October 17, 2014


With digital media, and electronic devices, there is always a risk that things can go wrong.

This is why we take all the steps that we can, to ensure everything goes smoothly and without a hitch at your event…

  • We only use GENUINE SANDISK ULTRA & EXTREME MEMORY CARDS. These are waterproof, shockproof and x-ray proof, giving us the best chance of securing your data.
  • Backups of photos and videos are taken as soon as we get back from the event.
  • We take AT LEAST 3 backups of every event, all on separate hard drives or computers. One is our working copy, one is our secure copy, and one is also stored at a different location to the others.
  • All of our equipment is purchased brand new. This means that we know it’s history to hopefully predict if it will start to let us down, and hopefully replace it before anything happens.
  • We always shoot with more than one camera, so in the unlikely event of one failing, we have a backup to use.

We want your event to go without a problem, it is in our interests to make sure that we adhere to our agreement to provide you with the services that you have purchased. So please take our word that we do everything that we possibly can to protect you, your digital data, and your memories.