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November 14, 2013


Product Photography

Product photography, or ‘PACKSHOT’ as it’s known in the industry, is a huge part of online retail, and a great photo will help to sell your products much easier, with less annoying questions from customers about the product, as well as giving your retail site a nice, clean, crisp, uniform look.

Also great for brochures, flyers, and catalogues.

For adverts and magazines, we offer a more creative option, please see details below.

We have a few options for you:

  • You can post your sample items to us (you will be amazed how much you can post for £10 with most courier companies) We obviously recommend tracked delivery.
  • You can bring your samples to us in Halesowen or Cradley Heath
  • We can collect (evenings and weekends only at the moment due to high workload during weekdays) We charge just 25p per mile from B64 5LD to collect from you and deliver back to you.
  • We can come to you (advanced booking required) Again we charge just 25p per mile to bring our mobile studio setup to you and photograph your items on location. Please ask for more details.

Once we have your samples, we will photograph them as discussed. We will then email proof images for you to choose from (different angles of each product) from which you pick your favorites. Once chosen, we will edit them and put them up for sale in a private area on our site for you to purchase.

We have a standard 48hour turnaround from the time we receive your samples, to the time you receive your proofs.

For a little extra, we can provide a 24hour turnaround.


Prices are worked out on a monthly basis. So the more images you buy from us every 31days, the cheaper your next batch will be.

For example, if you buy 30 images from us at £7.99 per image on 25th January, and you purchase another 35 within the the next 31 days, you will be eligible for our lowest rate of  £5.99 per image on those next 35, as you have purchased 65 images in 31 days.


Keep your website, eBay and Amazon images looking consistent, smart and professional. Crisp, clean, plain white background shots, to show the product at its best and make it pop!

  • 1-10 images £8.99 per image
  • 11-30 images £7.99 per image
  • 31-60 images £6.99 per image
  • 61 or more images just £5.99 per image!

TYPICAL EXAMPLE: Can you actually make out the white part of the bottle on the white background in the Left shot? With some cleaning up and editing, the shot on the right shows what can be achieved.
Also, click the images and look for the scratches on the unedited version, then watch them disappear on the edited one to appear pristine…

DSC_0002 copyeDSC_0002aaa


These are ideal to show more detail, angles, or what the product can do or how it works, all in one image.

Great for eBay, Amazon and other online stores that only show one main image. A multi image can grab attention away from your retail rivals!

They do take us longer to do, but this type of photo can stand out much more than a normal Packshot, especially if the product transforms, it has extra features that aren’t shown on the main photo, or you want to show how it works.

  • 1-10 images £10.99 per image
  • 11-30 images £9.99 per image
  • 31-60 images £8.99 per image
  • 61 or more images just £7.99 per image!

TYPICAL IMAGE: The bottle has a measure on the side that cant be seen in the main photo of it. An extra selling feature on a first impression image will help to sell more stock!



We can also provide a more creative element to your photos. Ideal for magazines and brochures, or main website images.

This is something that we would discuss with you before we start, but below are a few examples of what could be done and approximate prices.

  • Reflective floor : £2 extra per image
  • Product superimposed onto a Coloured/Photographic background: £3 extra per image
  • Location shot (For example a set of knives on a kitchen unit) £2 extra per image
  • Location action shot (For example a knife being used to chop an onion in a kitchen) £4 extra per image

The prices are just examples of what we could do, we will work with you, with your ideas and your budget, for a suitable solution.



If you want to take your own photo’s and then send them to us for editing, here is what could be achieved (Please bear in mind that you would need a decent camera and lighting to get a result like this)

Here we have The original unedited photo, the edited version, and then the edited version with reflective floor…

Product Packshot Carbyne Media Photography1Product Packshot Carbyne Media PhotographyProduct Packshot Carbyne Media Photography

If you wish to work with us, or have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us  through FACEBOOK HERE or email your requirements to and we will be happy to discuss with you.