ABOUT US – Carbyne Media Wedding Films
December 28, 2016



I’m David and I film and edit every event. I don’t send other people to film you, and all editing is completed by me. This means that the style and format of each film is consistent, but at the same time as unique as you and your big day.

I usually shoot solo. Some companies use 2-3 videographers to do exactly the same job that I do, but add 2 photographers onto that then you have 5 people following you with cameras all day!
I know I didn’t want that on my wedding day so being a solo shooter means I can be much more discrete around you and your guests.

I work with your Photographer, to film the day as it happens, creating an unobtrusive video capturing the parts you may forget just from looking at your photos – the moments in between shots where people think the camera isn’t on them.

I don’t get you to do cheesy pieces to the camera (unless this is what you want, of course), I’ll tell you on the day to just ignore us, our aim is to be as discrete as possible when filming, as this yields the most natural results. I love it when you tell me “We hardly even knew that you were there!”

For the main parts (ceremony, speeches & first dance) I use multiple cameras discretely placed to capture as many angles as I can. This makes a much more dynamic film to watch, flicking between viewpoints, giving high production values. It also helps during the ceremony when you can’t move around, things can be easily missed just shooting from one camera. Any attempted movement during your vows or a speech means there will be a big wobble in your film which can’t be edited out. With multiple cameras. I would just cut to another camera!

I film every wedding how I wanted my wedding filmed. I love smooth, clean, professional looking video, rather than the handheld in/out of focus style, and use my trusty monopod and gimbal to help achieve that. I try to capture as many details as I can find to make sure that as much as possible is covered while I am there.

I’ve filmed over 150 weddings since 2014 and have 100% satisfied clients with memories captured to relive for years to come, even for future generations to see.

This is my full time job, it’s my livelihood, my brand, my business, and it’s your special day, so it HAS to be done right.


I hate to see weddings with no Videographer.

I know it can be expensive, it’s just such a shame that all of the effort that has gone into creating that special day, along with the emotion and the guests enjoying themselves will only be remembered in photos and a few shaky iPhone videos with bad audio.


So I decided my mission is to make wedding films more of a ‘must have’ like a photographer, rather than a luxury or expense too far. Also, they must be modern, quality, fun, emotional, natural and not cringeworthy like the old fashioned videos of yesteryear.

Since starting in late 2013, we have filmed & photographed & “Photo-boothed” 100s of Weddings, parties and events, gaining more and more experience, exposure and happy clients at each one.

When I say “We” I am referring to my sister Helen and friend Simon who also have a passion for photography and videography. They are also our resident wedding photographers so we are all part of the Carbyne Media team.

We love what we do, Carbyne Media is something I live and breathe, I’m constantly working all hours to build the brand and to be the best at what we do, and I won’t stop until we are the go-to place for quality affordable wedding films 🙂

– David.